INT15, Spring 2019

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Lecture Notes:

lecture date notes ready? description reading
2019-04-02 lect01 true Introductions and Course Overview
2019-04-04 lect02 false
2019-04-09 lect03 true Introduction to Pandas Chapters 1, 2, 3
2019-04-11 lect04 true More Pandas Lec03 notebook & links
2019-04-16 lect05 true Python Data Types and Data Cleaning Python Data File Formats
2019-04-18 lect06 true Data Visualization Fundamentals of Data Visualization
2019-04-23 lect07 true Exploratory Data Analysis and Dimension Reduction
2019-04-25 lect08 false
2019-04-30 lect09 false
2019-05-02 lect10 false
2019-05-07 lect11 false
2019-05-09 lect12 false
2019-05-14 lect13 true Text Processing (strings, regex, nltk)
2019-05-16 lect14 true NLTK text processing pipeline; text representations
2019-05-21 lect15 true Evidation Case Study
2019-05-23 lect16 true Supervised Machine Learning: Linear Regression + RANSAC
2019-05-28 lect17 false
2019-05-30 lect18 false
2019-06-04 lect19 false
2019-06-06 lect20 false